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The character and letter counter is a free online tool to quickly count characters, letters and words in a text. Just enter your text in the text area and we will calculate the characters (with and without spaces) and (unique) number of words and paragraphs for you.

You can copy and paste your text with the characters to count in the text area above, or you can type your characters and words into the text area. The counter will be updated instantly, displaying the amount of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and whitespace in your text.

Tool works on absolutely any device. No matter if you have a mobile phone, computer, console or tablet the counter will work perfectly!


Facebook Character count limit
Facebook status 63206
Facebook username 50
Facebook page description 155
Facebook comments 8000


Instagram Character count limit
Instagram caption 2200
Instagram bio 150
Instagram username 30
Instagram Hashtags 30


LinkedIn Character count limit
LinkedIn summary 2000
LinkedIn Company update 700
LinkedIn Company name 100
LinkedIn Recommendation 3000


YouTube Character count limit
YouTube video title 70
YouTube description 5000
YouTube playlist title 60


Pinterest Character count limit
Pinterest description 500
Pinterest profile name 20


Github Character count limit
Github Repository name 100
Github Username 39
Github Commit Message 122
Git File name 4096


Google Character count limit
Title 50-60
Meta Description 155–160


Twitter Character count limit
Twitter Tweet 280
Twitter profile name 20
Twitter DMs 10000